Zachary Kaufman

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Zachary Kaufman. I'm a BS+MS student studying Intelligent Systems Engineering at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I am also pursuing minors in Mathematics, and Creative Technologies in Art and Design.

I currently work as a Research Assistant in R-House Social Robotics Lab. My primary areas of interest are in computer vision, robot design, and fabrication.


Email: [email protected]


Most of the projects I post here or on my Instagram are more creative than functional. Through studying engineering I often get to makes things that actually function, like robots, games, or machine learning applications. Through studying digital art, however, I get to be more impractical. I can use CAD and creative coding to explore imagination and just try things that may oy may not ever work. Primarily those are the types of projects you'll see here or on my social media page.

Most of the CAD work I do is in Blender, however, I have also worked in Maya, and Rhino. I like to focus on Sci-Fi or Fantasy scenarios in my 3D design work, but I also enjoy abstract animation. I often 3D print my designs because I find fabrication to be a natural and exciting next step to digital design.